The challenge

Thousands of logistics companies still rely on outdated software and paper to operate their business day-to-day.

Currently road haulage companies use a variety of solutions to manage the day-to-day running of their businesses. From whiteboards for driver holidays, excel spreadsheets for load planning, to a multitude of different disconnected tech to keep track of assets and drivers. Resulting in a frustrating and time consuming experience for operators and drivers.

This ultimately drives inefficiencies across the whole business and blocks opportunities for them to focus on providing the best experience to their customers. Recent studies show heavy goods vehicles run on average 23% empty annually, having huge impacts not only on businesses but also the environment.
The vision

Empowering logistics through a shared and standardised infrastructure to boost efficiencies and reduce cost.

Everything is better connected and we have want to provide the tools for every logistics company to prosper. Building a common framework allows us to build scaleable tools that grow with each company and provides improved communication between operators, drivers and ultimately customers.

We can also drive efficiencies to improve the environmental impact caused by the logistics industry and give opportunities for newcomers to enter the market with affordable technology that scales